The End & The Tomorrow


Hopefully your week was full of things that made you smile. Mine was that & a bit more. Fashion week always pulls the most intense energy out of this already buzzing city. My 7 days in images:


Running into the always stunning Selenis Leyva of Orange Is The New Black & other inspired people is, without any question, my favorite thing that happens at NYFW.


Umbrellas! A dope little gift from iijin for every attendee of their show.


My POV most of the week was glossier than usual. As if, my eyes had a filter. Valencia.


The first day following NYFW, I obviously went to the MoMa. Kurt Cobain was the last rock star, Nirvana the last rock band, Nevermind was perfect & I love that it’s enshrined at the Museum of Modern Art.


The aesthetics. This is free on Friday nights. Thought that was worth sharing.


I’m a sucker for gnarly architecture & there is a room at the MoMa just for my kind. Won’t share that picture here. No spoilers.


There are so many creatives in the city, I try to always keep my finger on the pulse & connecting with these like minded individuals. Visited with Alexander Jackson & checked out some of his denim at his Pop Up Shop on Ludlow. The ambiance, the clothing, The Love Below playing in it’s entirety as you walk in, was a major win.


So fashion week is over, and these were the only casualties. I truly love this time of year, always tough to swipe the metro or step into that last Uber. But New York will still be this beautiful in the morning. And there will be more culture to study & define, tomorrow.


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