Without A Thought For Tomorrow…




Lennon taught me how to use my voice
To use my art
To face adversity from the very people
Who should be protecting you. 
Nixon tried to deport him.
They tried to censor his message. 
They told him to retire from music.
He came right back. 
They took his body, but not his energy. 
Happy Birthday, John. 
Rest in peace.
& we all shine on.

It just breaks my heart that today’s generation can’t name a John Lennon song other than maybe “Imagine”, but can recite every word to whoever is on the radio these days, I’m not sure. But, John Lennon’s music SPOKE. It had it’s own diction & tone & bravery. It’s okay if you’re not familiar with his work, but if you want to free your consciousness and honor a legend on what would have been his 75th birthday, listen to “Instant Karma!” “Jealous Guy” “Mother” “Cold Turkey” or “Borrowed Time” Those are a few of my favorites. I hope you love them, too.

And just read about his legacy.
As a singer/songwriter/artist, there are a few legacies I’m truly obsessed with and everyone falls in line in my heart & ear after Lennon. There’s a reason for that, you’ll have to experience it yourself.

His Memorial is on 72nd & Central Park West in Strawberry Fields, get there before anyone else today.
Now, in his words,

“What a bad ass city! Que paso, New York!”


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