Shia Labeouf doing things.

It’s New York City, so, people certainly aren’t bored or itching for something to do. They don’t just sit for 16 hours outside of a movie theatre to see whatever dated movie is playing. There are people who stood or sat in line, outside, for 16 hours before finally making it inside, only to maybe watch the Even Stevens Movie or Holes or Monkey Business, the last of which, I actually never heard of.

The 3 day film festival of Shia Labeouf IMBD credits drew in hundreds. At least. I, obviously wanted to see the 1145 showing of Holes, so, thinking I was making the responsible decision in arriving at 8am, realized I actually fucked up entirely & should have brought a tent and/or sleeping bag because that would’ve been the only way I would have made it in to watch Shia watch himself, live, at Angelika Film Center, ironically my favorite movie theatre in the city/world for the vibes alone.
“Is he going to take his shirt off & go crazy? I hope he does, that’d be fun!”
-Overheard this statement from a guy also in line.
“Are you guys out here for Justin Beiber tickets”
-A passer by.
After 3 hours of standing in the cold, occasionally talking to the cute chick in front of me & reading Charles Cross biography on the life of Kurt Cobain, “Heavier Than Heaven”, enough people had exited the free film fest that you can leave whenever you want, and I had infiltrated the line. I was indoors. Oops. 100 more people in an entirely new line with 6 hours to go. I stuck it out as long as I could & took off, but not before watching people who previously left, return & be scolded/kicked out, watching people set up blankets & Macbooks & Netflix & damnit if this whole, crazy thing I didn’t even fully make it into wasn’t one big piece of performance art. I like this guy. It doesn’t have to have shitty commercials for terrible products & an overpriced ticket to be cool. This was cool.







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