Is Brooklyn The ‘New’ New York City?

Every Saturday & Sunday, The Paper Box in Bushwick hosts ‘Rock & Shop’, flea-market scene with live bands, food stands, local breweries, art, free pancakes, a tattoo booth, psychic readings & more cool shit you’d basically only get in Brooklyn.



It’s a lot like Artist & Fleas, but cool. It’s exactly like the now defunt Brooklyn Night Bazaar, but new. Nothing about it is pretentious. It’s Bushwick, we like everything we’re selling you, which brought about an interesting topic while we drank our affordable, not terrible, local beers right after Color Tounge rocked their set as one of the headlining bands; the question,
“Is Brooklyn the ‘new’ New York City?”.

Andy Warhol & The Factory. CBGB. Sid & Nancy @ Hotel Chelsea. Frank Sinatra songs. These things defined the “cool” of New York City, Manhattan, the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, but, what’s cool now? For fear of listing something the majority of us all agree on, except for you, thus, offending the hell out of you because it’s the internet & we ALL have to agree, I’m going to let you decide what about your home doesn’t suck. But, it’s probably not in Manhattan. It could be in Astoria. It’s probably in Brooklyn. As our parents tell us how they remember the aforementioned classic venues & moments in the city, we’ll be able to do the same & sound just as awesome because things like The Bushwick Collective features work from our friends or neighbors & every show on television (Netflix) just HAS to namedrop or film their entire program in Brooklyn & things like Rock & Shop are popping up on the regs, threatening to establish themselves as institutions in a way that isn’t all “Times Squarey” & demonstrative. Brooklyn is where your friend’s birthday brunch is going to be. Where your friends band is playing. Where tourist aren’t.
Is Brooklyn the ‘new’ New York City? The reason to vacation here? The only place you spend any time anymore? Short answer, yes. & it’s getting cooler every time you step off the train & into the borough.


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