Artist Ygal Gabay Finds Creative Space in Brooklyn Art Lofts

Mckibbin has established itself as more than just trendy loft space in Brooklyn, it’s become a haven for creatives from across the world to house their passion; A proverbial canvas for artists, vibrating with energy.

Ygal Gabay, before his brief residency in Mckibbon, had no formal training. Never made a painting with the intent to sell. Has & always will, create directly from his experience, emotion, life; since leaving his home in Belgium to establish new roots in Brooklyn, he has been surrounded by new experience, new emotion, new life, and a new voice.
“People & their energy in New York find their way into my work,” he says, socks off, Leonard Cohen playing faintly in the background, surrounded by his life’s work, “Existence is sometimes very painful. It’s not Disney world. But everything is so protected & masked in society, It’s important for me to capture a sense of optimism & transcend pain, to tell it’s truths in a way that speaks to the positive emotions we neglect.”

Mckibbin speaks to each artist that inhabits it in different ways, Ygal hears & feels it in a way unique to all others, evident in his work.
Leaving the interpretation of the art to the viewer, Ygal doesn’t traditionally name his work, but felt inclined with his latest, which he calls “The Answer”. A work in progress before the Paris tragedy, “The Answer” became a different painting, one that emphasized a world without violence, “Creativity in general can save the world. This piece speaks to the innocence we’ve lost & the potential we have as a culture.”

New York, he calls, “The center of the world” chose Ygal Gabay, chose me, and all other creative individuals who have joined us in our over romanticization of it.
“It’s impossible to ignore the energy of New York City as a body. Manhattan is constant vibration. Brooklyn is calm. I need both. I can’t be in the rush without experiencing the calm in the next breath.”

For more on Ygal Gabay’s work vicom
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