Freedom Of Expression?


To many, this is offensive. Not just offensive, but disgusting to look at. Offensive or not, they’re all over the Times Square to Grand Central Shuttle, behind you, in front of you, Nazi imagery. Why, New York? Well, that’s easy, for money of course! To create controversy for our new show on Amazon “The Man In The High Castle”! Is it working!?
Yes. It has at least pissed off enough people that MTA & Amazon have opted to remove it, but it’s there right now as I type this, so the damage is certainly done. New York can get away with something like this. Offending many & passing it off as promotion for a program they really want you to watch (because you have to pay for Amazon’s TV service) and at the end of the day, it’s just a show. But there’s the problem. Jae Thomas likes watching offensive shit. He thinks it’s funny. He thinks we’re all a little bit racist, a little bit irreverent. He thinks this show is probably going to be dope because it’s opted to be edgy and not boring and it will likely appeal to our darker senses. But, everyone isn’t me. Most people are going to be pissed off at this. Maybe it’s art. Maybe it’s brilliant marketing. Maybe it’s insolent garbage. All 3? Depends on your interpretation. This exhibition is still, as of November 24th, available to the public for viewing at just $2.75 per your metro card.


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