Ripple Of Hope

“We must act. Progress is defined by those crazy & brave enough to be different.”
Tim Cook

“You have to be daring.
You have to be brave.
You have to be truly ready
to follow your dreams.”
John Lewis

“Sacrifice everything
on behalf of human dignity.”
Kerry Kennedy

Tim Cook, John Lewis, Kerry Kennedy & a list of other human rights defenders came together December 8th @ The Hilton in Manhattan for the Robert F Kennedy Ripple Of Hope Gala, to celebrate social justice victories, reflect on 2015, & discuss new initiatives in an effort to change the world. Shaking John Lewis’ hand will be one of those moments I never forget. His history is so astounding as someone who truly fought for the rights of all people. Just before he was introduced, a video of Eric Garner was played. I admittedly cried, head in lap, a bit embarrassed, only to look up and see my brothers & sisters shedding the same tears for Eric & anyone who has ever dealt with such flagrant injustice. Robert F Kennedy’s message of hope continues through the Human Rights Center & all of it’s supporters & collaborators.

For more information on how to get involved, visit







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