Gentrification Is Not A Dirty Word.

You wake up at 9am on a Saturday, throw on some sweats & go to the local coffee shop for a latte and/or a bagel. What do you see? Broken down buildings? Rats? Crackheads? Now, a completely related question; how much is your rent?
If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’, you already understand my point. New Yorkers who live in “gentrified” areas don’t see the aforementioned on their way to fuel up in the morning. They see old buildings that have been “industrialized”. They see actual coffee shops & not bodegas with fucking cats hanging out on the same counter you’re about to put your food when it’s time to check out. They see clean, refurbished, metropolis.
Everything is getting more expensive, because those are the times. It’s a bit surprising people have not become used to the armed robbery this state successfully commits on all of us the second we leave our homes. There will be no clearance sales on New York lifestyle. There will be no handouts. You’ve gotta want it. You have to just want to live a certain type of lifestyle in order to live in New York City, & if you don’t want it, you won’t last. You’ll be back in Kansas before the 2nd heel click.
There are two Brooklyns. One, gentrified, filled with artists, people walking their dogs & riding their bikes; you know, hipsters or whatever. Creative like-minded individuals in an environment meant to inspire. Hipsters. I guess. The other Brooklyn is a crime ridden place you only go if you have to, a place that has not been gentrified. A place where murder, robberys, drugs & drugs related crimes, are normal. Areas that have taken part of the revolution of industry & “gentrified”, have problems too, but most of these problems go back to ‘this place is expensive, make it cheaper.’

Is raising the cost of living in a city so bad when that money is being spent on cleaning it up & opening the doors to more sustainable businesses? Maybe, we’re just mad. Mad that everything is hard. Mad that it costs three times as much to live in Brooklyn as it does in Denver. But, that’s because it should. This is the capital of the world. It should be clean, it should be avant garde, it should be forward, and that ain’t cheap.

America is just a capitalist nation, all things driven by the almighty dollar & that won’t change. Bearing that fact in mind, ‘there’s nothing wrong with gentrification’ says this young, black male.




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