TiZR Brings The Live Streaming Trend To Concerts

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One day after Facebook announced it’s new streaming video service LiveStream and likely ended the very short reign of Periscope, David Guetta backed app TiZR took the trend an enormous step further.

TiZR, a new network dedicated to social streaming, announced today its official launch out of private beta.  The iOS app gives users the option to share live video broadcasts with family and friends or TiZR’s entire social network with the tap of a button. 

Once a user begins a live broadcast on TiZR, their friends are instantly notified and can tune in.  When a live broadcast ends, the video remains on TiZR for twenty minutes before being deleted forever.  The app’s “As Long As You Like” feature allows users to extend the lifespan of a video by ten seconds for every “like” the video receives from the TiZR community. 

“Part of the fun on TiZR is the power it gives to the actual network versus just the user,” explains TiZR’s founder and CEO Jean Michel Reynoird. “The video goes away quickly enough that if you don’t like it, you’ll never see it again. In order for a broadcast to stay visible, entire networks of people have to interact and connect in real time through the mobile app—which is what sets TiZR apart from other video streaming apps.”

TiZR offers a broader sharing experience than other video streaming networks, allowing users to easily merge their TiZR accounts with both Facebook and Twitter.  Users can also create “TiZR channels”, professional accounts to which other users can easily subscribe.  TiZR channels provide a convenient way to share information, promote brands, and bond with fans in a more personal way.  

One of the key features of the app is the privacy it provides to users. “We wanted to create a way for people to share moments they care about without having it online in perpetuity,” said Reynoird.  “TiZR strictly shares, but doesn’t permanently store, user-generated content.  All TiZR users remain the sole owners of the content they choose to share, and every video is deleted from our servers.”

TiZR’s current investors include Spinnin’ Records, the world’s most influential Electronic Dance Music (EDM) label, and the app’s early adopters include Multi Grammy Award winner and DJ/producer David Guetta and international DJ Nicky Romero. TiZR will be releasing an app for Android in March 2016.


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