It’s only entertainment.

I’m just a creative. I’m not a photographer, a singer, a writer, an anything, I just create dope shit & people usually enjoy it in their own way. I’m the most important member of my audience. That’s where most others stumble in their paths, the incessant need to impress others & create things that are “liked”. Being liked is way too much pressure for me, reason, people are NOT open minded or free. If I put it to a percentage, maybe 5% of the people I know currently and have met in my life are open to new experiences, sounds and images. That other large percentage, is very much heavily influenced by everyone else.

What does everyone else like? Than that’s what I like!

What’s everyone else doing? Me too!

And that’s what entertainment has become; images and sounds you’re familiar with that don’t make you think too hard. If you are creative in any way, and want to create for a living, you’re sort of fucked. So, just create. I read something this morning about the host of a show on a network (both of which I’ll leave out of this post) walking out of their show and claiming to have been “marginalized” by this big company. SURPRISE! Every big company is a big company because they marginalize their products. Did I say products? I meant staff & talent.

My first thought after reading the article was,”Why doesn’t she have a podcast and/or a blog? Why is her life & creativity contingent on whether or not some guy in a suit thinks she’s marketable right now? She should have been already making her own brand/money.”

If you’re not willing to just create independently & want to be recognized on a global scale, pro tip: you have to buy it. Point blank. Or be so completely different, that your super different image can be used to sell the exact same thing they’ve been selling forever, that they already know will make them wealthy.

I just skimmed the screenplay of a very popular Netflix show. It was sooooo mundane and boring and full of overused puns and jokes, nothing truly exciting or original at all. I then read one of my scripts and the dialogue was almost exactly the same in terms of structure/character development, except, mine felt more authentic, like real conversations people would actually have,. The writer of the Netflix screenplay; already famous, already rich, an easy sell to audiences. So, it’s a Netflix show. Mine? Hanging out on my hard drive.

I’ve spent time doing production & some on air work at multiple major networks and was briefly with a Production Company signed as a Singer/Rapper/Songwriter to _______ Records (again, omitting because it doesn’t even matter which one it was). The only thing that I know for sure, is no one matters in entertainment. Money matters. Get really rich, buy your career. That’s it. No one is sitting around waiting to sign the next big thing or pick up that next hit show. They don’t care. And neither should you. Because the only true barometer of your success should be how you feel about what you’ve created, and maybe the people you love. People who really appreciate your specific type of art and voice. People who can really relate and need your work to help them through their own journey. Everyone else, basically, fuck em. Just create.

Nobody is going to make you famous. You have to already be famous, and then you can be famous. That said, you don’t want to be famous. Trust me. Create dope shit. Maybe, you’ll gain a following because it turns out, a lot of people actually dig your shit, and then, you can live life your way; with freedom, an audience for your art, and your own money. Just be a creative.


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